Cottages in the Great Rift Valley Lodge

For guests who may be interested in self catering options at the Great Rift Valley lodge. They are several with various number of bed rooms depending on the number of people. All cottages are fully furnished with warm and homely furniture, appliances and décor that gives off the ambience and comfort of being in your own home.

There are about 55 cottages with different number of bed rooms. All cottages kitchens are equipped with a gas cooker, microwave, fridge, crockery and cutlery and a barbecue stand. The lounges have a TV with DSTV and all bedrooms are ensuite with hot showers throughout the day.

One can easily access the Great Rift Valley Lodge services and also the Golf Course.

They are spread out and different cottages have different views e.g. the Lake, the Golf Park, Green Park and the Naivasha surrounding.

Some cottages are 1 storey, so for large groups that cannot fit in one can take up a storey cottage as one unit.

Terms and Conditions for booking

The cottages can only accommodate the number of people as specified for each cottage, please do not bring mattresses or squeeze more than one person per bed and this includes children.

PAYMENT TERMS:All charges are payable in cash before services are provided. Credit facilities are not available.
REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT:Ksh. 20,000/- . On confirmation that you have left the cottage in the condition you found it, including all the contents, utensils etc., the deposit will be refunded to you in full between 5-7 days after you depart the resort. The resort has the right to retain all or part of this deposit to cover any damage or loss that occurs during your period of stay.
OCCUPATION:Any additional occupant (adult or child) will be charged Ksh. 10,000 per person per night payable to the lodge in cash on arrival failure to declare extra persons will result in your booking being automatically cancelled. In addition you will forfeit accommodation tariffs paid plus your deposit of Ksh. 20,000.

A few options of the Cottages include

A28 Cottage is a 3 bed room cottage with 2 double bed rooms and 1 twin room it can accommodate up to 6 adults.
A25 Savannah UP is a 2 bedroom cottage with both rooms having a double bed, it can have 4 adults.
A 25 Savannah Down with 3 bedrooms, 2 doubles and 1 twin room meaning it can sleep up to 6 people.
A big group can take up the Savannah UP & Down as one unit to sleep 10 people, since it is a one storey cottage.
A23 Cedar is a 5 bedroom unit, with 2 double bedrooms upstairs and a 1 double, 2 single bedrooms downstairs to sleep a total of 8 people.
B45 Albatros is a 4 bedroom cottage with 2 double bedrooms and 2 twin rooms so it can sleep 8 people. It has great view of Lake Naivasha.
B36 Ngaruiya a 5 bedroom cottage with 4 double bedrooms and 1 twin room doing a total of 10 people. It probably is the biggest cottage and has an excellent view of the Lake.
B39 Den Dulks cottage is suitable for a group with young children as it has 3 double bedrooms and a single room and a kid’s room with bunk beds plus they have a child friendly garden where they can play or hold a picnic.